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Our Top Picks: Collagen in 2024

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  • Help minimize the appearance of fine lines* [1]
  • Support skin elasticity*
  • Support muscle health*


  • Provide essential amino acids and protein*
  • Support hair thickness and appearance*
  • Support joint health and an active lifestyle*
  • Support skin health*

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Collagen vs. Bone Broth

Bone broth is a natural source of liquid collagen that has been consumed for centuries. Bone broth is made from boiling animal bones and connective tissue. It’s often used in soups, sauces, or consumed on its own for health reasons. 

Consuming bone broth is one way of drinking collagen, however there is a difference between bone broth and collagen supplements. The key difference is that collagen is hydrolyzed. This means that the collagen is already ‘broken down’ so that it is more easily absorbed by the body. The end result is what’s referred to as collagen peptides. Because bone broth is a raw form of collagen, it may not be as easily digestible as collagen peptides. As healthy as it may be, bone broth can also be time-consuming to make and expensive to buy. 

What is collagen?

Simply put, collagen is a protein that forms the connective tissue all over our bodies. It makes up about 70-80% of the dry weight of your skin and can help keep it looking supple and smooth. [2]

It is also found in bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons, and plays an important role in maintaining healthy-looking skin and hair as well as supporting bone and joint health and maintaining muscle mass to help keep you active and fit.

Why your body needs collagen

As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen plays a key role in skin elasticity, hydration, and texture. Basically, it is what keeps your skin from sagging and helps to maintain that glowy, plump, youthful appearance. 

In fact, many studies have found that collagen supplements have the ability to noticeably maintain skin elasticity, hydration, and density with consistent use. [4]

These studies reported that because the collagen peptides were able to reach deeper layers of the skin, the supplements created “long-lasting and cosmetically relevant regeneration of the skin.” [4]

What does collagen do? It’s thought to have a number of wellness benefits: 

Collagen powder is a collagen supplement that can be mixed into a liquid of your choice. It can be added to coffee, tea, juice, water, or even your favorite smoothie. Collagen powder is made with collagen peptides, or the hydrolyzed form of collagen discussed above. It is essentially a “pure” source of collagen and used as a supplement for a variety of reasons. Some use it for fitness purposes and might take it for their joints. Others use it for cosmetic purposes and use collagen for better skin and hair.*

Collagen Powder

Type X

Found in the bones and joints. 

Type V

Found in the eyes. 

Type III

Found in skin, ligaments, muscles, and blood vessels. 

Type II

Found in cartilage and the gut. 

Type I

Found in hair, skin, nails, bones, tendons, and ligaments. 


Most collagen powder is sourced from bovine collagen. High quality collagen powder may be made with grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine collagen which is considered a good source of types I and III collagen.*

Not sure what the different types of collagen are? There are generally 5 main types of collagen:

Note: Individual results may vary. The benefits stated are based on personal experiences and subjective feedback and may vary from person to person.

[1] Borumand, Maryam, and Sara Sibilla. “Daily consumption of the collagen supplement Pure Gold Collagen® reduces visible signs of aging.” Clinical interventions in aging vol. 9 1747-58. 13 Oct. 2014, doi:10.2147/CIA.S65939

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DISCLAIMER: This scientific research is for informational purposes only. The results reported may not necessarily occur in all individuals. Primal Harvest provides this information as a service but does not endorse it. This information should not be read to recommend or endorse any specific products.

Primal Collagen by Primal Harvest delivers hydrolyzed bovine collagen types I and III that have been produced with GelcoPEP® technology for maximum dissolvability and absorption support.*

This formula dissolves quickly and easily and is neutral in flavor, making it convenient to stir into any liquid of your choice, from your morning coffee to smoothies and juice. You can even shake it in a shaker for when you're on the go. Each scoop provides you with 10 g of ultra-premium hydrolyzed collagen, 20 mg of calcium, and a wide range of amino acids.

Primal Collagen is third-party lab tested and made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients in a GMP-certified facility. The brand also offers a convenient Subscribe & Save program which means you can order Primal Collagen through their convenient and hassle-free subscription service. By signing up for a subscription you get 20% off all products plus free shipping.

All in all, this collagen supplement delivers great value and quality at a reasonable price point. To top it off, Primal Harvest offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for all of its products.

  • Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients 
  • Premium quality hydrolyzed bovine collagen from grass-fed cows
  • Nine essential amino acids
  • 9 g of protein plus 20 mg calcium
  • Unflavored, easy-to-dissolve powder
  • GelcoPEP® technology for mixability
  • The brand offers a hassle-free subscription service 

1. Primal Collagen

by Primal Harvest [1]



  • Only available online
  • Due to popularity, sometimes runs out of stock




2. Multi Collagen

by BeautyLux [1]


  • 5 collagen types
  • Collagen from 4 food sources
  • Hydrolyzed collagen for better absorption
  • Dissolves well
  • No unpleasant aftertaste
  • Fairly priced and made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients


  • Only sold online
  • Sometimes runs out of stock


BeautyLux Beauty Multi Collagen is an unflavored multi-collagen peptide powder, formulated from bovine, marine, chicken, and eggshell membrane collagen. This premium powder features collagen types I, II, III, V, and X which are sustainably sourced from cage-free chickens, grass-fed cows, and kosher, North Atlantic fish.*

Each once-a-day serving contains 7.8 g of hydrolyzed collagen which can easily be added to any liquid of your choice. As an added perk, the formula also contains 7 g of protein.*

This unflavored collagen powder mixes well and leaves no aftertaste. It's made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients and is third-party lab tested. 



by Vital Proteins


  • Certified grass-fed bovine collagen
  • Gluten and dairy-free
  • Made in the USA


  • 110 mg sodium
  • No 90-day money-back guarantee


Collagen Peptides by Vital Proteins is formulated with 20g of grass-fed and pasture-raised collagen. 

Like Primal Collagen by Primal Harvest, the Vital Proteins formula is easy to use. Although this unflavored formula is a solid choice for a collagen powder, some people may want to note that it contains 110 mg of sodium. This is especially something to consider for those watching their sodium intake. It also makes the product less versatile as the sodium content may impact the flavor.

3. Collagen Peptides



4. Multi Collagen Protein

by Ancient Nutrition


  • Hydrolyzed bovine collagen 
  • Neutral flavor
  • With probiotics & vitamin C


  • Price
  • No 90-day money-back guarantee


Ancient Nutrition's Multi Collagen Protein is a pretty solid choice for a collagen supplement. It contains 10g of hydrolyzed collagen per scoop. Their collagen is sourced from grass-fed and pasture-raised bovine collagen and also contains probiotics and vitamin C.

It has a relatively neutral flavor making it easy to drink when added to other beverages. Although it dissolves fairly easily into cold drinks, it does seem to take longer to dissolve than some other collagen powders. Some consumers also reported that it did not dissolve as easily into warm drinks. 

This is generally a great choice, but you may want to note that it's a little pricier than some of the other products featured on this list. 



5. Super Youth Collagen

by SkinnyFit


  • Hydrolyzed bovine collagen
  • 14 g protein
  • With vitamin C


  • 2-scoop serving size
  • Price
  • Contains fish and egg


Super Youth Collagen by SkinnyFit includes 15.6 g of hydrolyzed collagen per serving, sourced from bovine, fish, chicken, and eggshell membrane. It also includes vitamin C, apple cider vinegar, and hyaluronic acid and is sweetened with stevia leaf and monk fruit extracts. Each container consists of 28 servings of unflavored collagen powder.  

Although the formula includes a range of collagen sources, the addition of fish collagen and eggshell membrane means this product may not be suitable for all consumers. Some may find the two-scoop serving size inconvenient in comparison to other products that have a one-scoop serving. The addition of stevia and monk fruit gives the product a little sweetness which means some may find that it is not totally neutral. Finally, you may want to consider the price of the product. At $99.95 for a one-time purchase (about 28 servings), this powder is less wallet-friendly than some other options.



Our Choice

Primal Collagen

by Primal Harvest [1]

  • 10 G Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen
  • 9 G Protein Plus 20 MG Calcium
  • Essential Amino Acids
  • GelcoPEP® Technology for Mixability
  • Free Shipping on Orders over $75

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